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Thursday, 2 September 2010

AGM - Sunday 3rd October, Patriothall Wasps

Notice is hereby given that the AGM of VAS will take place at 2pm on Sunday 3rd October at WASPS Studios,1D Patriothall, Off Hamilton Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, EH3 5AY.

For all VAS members the AGM is an opportunity to have your say in how your organization is run, to be informed about the financial position of the society and how your membership fees are being spent, and to socialize and network with other VAS members over a glass of wine. For professional members there is also a chance to vote on elections for new professional members, new council members, annual exhibition hanging, and awards committees. This year elections will be held for the positions of 3 professional council members. If there are any issues you feel the society needs to address, or you have an opinion to express you can raise a movement for discussion at the AGM by contacting the administrator in advance.

Professional Membership Elections
Existing professional members are invited to nominate and second artists they consider of merit for election as professional members of VAS. Artists wishing to apply for professional membership may approach two existing professional members for proposal. All applicants must have sponsorship from two existing professional members (a full list of members can be viewed on the members page of the blog).

Council Vacancies
All professional members are invited to make nominations in advance of the AGM to fill vacancies arising on the Council. 3 Council members are due to retire.
Nominations are invited for 3 Professional Council members.

Enthusiasm and commitment are highly valued and the more skills the Council has at its disposal the better. Membership of Council can be up to 3 years and the Council meets about 10 times a year to discuss, plan and organise the society’s activities and exhibitions. This is often hard work but rewarding.

Nominations are invited from professional members for the Annual Exhibition Hanging and Arranging Committee, which should consist of members from a range of disciplines.

Nominations are also invited from professional members for the Annual Exhibition Awards Committee. This consists of the President, one council member, three professional members; one painter, one sculptor and one applied and installation artist.

Any professional member wishing to submit a motion for discussion or raise any issues at the AGM should do so in writing or by e-mail to the administrator in advance of the AGM.

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